No risk with our TELBOT® robot: ATEX Zone 0 certified and suitable for emergencies

With TELBOT® Z0 robots by HWM you avoid taking risks with people and machinery

Wälischmiller Engineering has stood for safety and quality since 1946. A combination of innovation and well-founded engineering skill has created new and innovative products that are without parallel, because:

If Wälischmiller Engineering promises that the TELBOT® ATEX Zone 0 robot is fit for purpose, then it is. And it proves it in critical situations.

If you are up against it you can use our products to save human lives as well as your production sites.

Can you say that about products from other manufacturers? And what about in an emergency? The robots for ATEX, the TELBOT® Z0, are specially designed for quickly explosive environments.

Check out for yourself the suitability and engineering skill of the TELBOT® Z0.

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Jan Hedtstück

Jan Hedtstück

Sales oil & gas industry