The control console:

Interface between robot and manipulator and operator.

The compact, economical and intuitive standard interface

The control console is the standard interface between the robot respectively manipulator and operator. To meet your individual requirements we offer the control console in several different versions:

  • fixed cable (standard) with cable switches or two joysticks with optional screen, moveable frame, portable or for fixed installation
  • or alternatively as wireless control console, i.e. no cable

The control console is available for the following products:


Special features of control console:

  • continuous operation - axis for axis
  • display of malfunctions
  • display of limit switches
  • force limit can be set


Direct control and direct feedback via control panel

All main components of the manipulator are depicted on the control console for uncomplicated operation. Every rotary switch corresponds to one function. The ordering of the operating elements in relation to each axis moved can therefore be understood intuitively. Faults and limit switches are also shown on the control panel for speedy capture and operational guidelines.

Each axis moves independently and the speed is variable via the continuously regulated rotary switches. As rotation increases the joint moves with increasing speed.

The correct dose of force

Apart from the telescope hoist, a force and/or torque specification can be set for each motion. This enables the operator to set precisely the right force for each motion so that work is metered.


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