Nuclear medicine is saving lives every day using products from HWM

Customers rely on us and our products whenever safety and quality are needed to protect life.

The Wälischmiller Engineering A200 manipulator is particularly suited for use in nuclear medicine. Since this articulated manipulator stands out for absolute precision and high sensitive operation. That way you can minimise breakdowns and costs and reduce operator errors.  But the best: you obtain spare parts for a lifetime.

IRE says: „... every year we contribute to saving millions of lives.”*

Institut des Radioéléments (IRE) manipulators carry the logo of Wälischmiller Engineering. We are part of these life-saving procedures. And we are proud of it.

IRE and numerous other customers in the nuclear medicine sector particularly appreciate the following HWM qualities:

  • high quality products with minimised breakdown and costs
  • precise handling with less strain on employees and fewer operator errors.
  • superior reliability of HWM and HWM products for reduced breakdown and fastest possible repairs.

You can rely on us - even 30 years from now. Contact us; we have just the right long-term solution ready and waiting for you.


* Source (visited on 15.02.2024)

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Marcel Karg

Marcel Karg

Telemanipulators A100 and A200