Risk-free waste treatment and safe recycling

Robust and high-precision manipulators and robots save time, money and nerves.

Decontamination, recycling, storage and periodic inspections are normal operations in fusion and nuclear power plants, reprocessing plants and repositories. This requires reliable manipulators - preferably from Wälischmiller Engineering. Because you can rely on our products: We have been experts since the early 1990s. Our devices, some completely maintenance-free, are resistant to radiation, durable and user-friendly. With us you can rely on one of the most renowned companies in this segment.

The waste treatment sector is divided into three segments:

  • Decontamination / Recycling
  • Storage
  • Monitoring


Decontamination can be implemented easily and effectively using our A100 and A1000 manipulators. Numerous active reprocessing plants such as Sellafield (GB) and La-Hague (FR) rely on Wälischmiller Engineering robots. The HWM equipment was chosen for good reason: The manipulators have proven themselves over many decades and make a considerable contribution to safety and cost reduction.


Substances that cannot be further decontaminated are stored in drums. Wälischmiller Engineering manipulators can be used to dismantle and store all items from hot cells to contaminated footwear. It makes no difference how far away, how dangerous or how inaccessible the field of application is. Everywhere is accessible to our manipulators and robots. If there is absolutely no other way, simply use our V1000 Manipulator vehicle.


Stored drums are monitored and checked for leaks annually. Our A1000 specialist drum gripper is expressly intended for this job. Based on extremely reliable Wälischmiller Engineering technology, the A1000 Manipulator keeps you on the safe side in this sector as well.

Waste treatment: Quality and reliability under one roof

For decontamination, storage or monitoring - Wälischmiller Engineering provides you with reliability and safety in the form of manipulators and robotics. This means for you: Minimised breakdowns, lower risk, low outlay and therefore less problems for you to deal with.

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