High-quality, safe and durable: manipulators and robots from HWM worldwide

Wälischmiller Engineering has been supplying robots, manipulators & handling devices worldwide for 70 years.

Wälischmiller Engineering specialises in handling technology & robotics in the oil & gas and nuclear sectors. Our core competence is the development, design and manufacture of equipment for use in inaccessible applications.


Sleep with an easy conscience

If your employees have to carry out sensitive tasks with our devices you need have no concerns. For example, our devices can be used for:

  • Tasks undertaken in an explosive environment
  • Scientific nuclear research
  • Inspection in the oil & gas industry
  • Industrial nuclear research
  • Cleaning in the oil & gas industry
  • Handling & recycling nuclear waste
  • Dismantling nuclear power stations


We are unique

As the only complete supplier we manufacture small manipulators and semi-autonomous robotic power manipulators.

Our production methods are sustainable and future-oriented: We plan, construct, manufacture and install at our own sites. Our services also include assembly of our products on site as well as reliable worldwide maintenance and repair.


Always? Always! We are right beside you as a partner

We will look after you from the time we conduct the feasibility study, through the planning and development stage and on to manufacture, delivery and assembly. We ensure that with our expert advice, professional project management and flexible service you will receive a qualitatively outstanding solution which will operate reliably in the long term.


A large number of companies rely on the experience and expertise of Wälischmiller Engineering.

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Vision and mission

We are traditional: We do what we promise

We are innovative: We define new standards

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Manufacturing possibilities

We can do engineering & manufacture: From steel construction and stainless steel construction to machining technology, electrical production and plastics.

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Company history

Innovations from tradition: Wälischmiller Engineering GmbH stands for highest quality and safety since 1946.

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Latest news

Always up to date with our innovations, our company and our industries.

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