The A200 articulated manipulator serie

Ideal for boxes, small and medium sized cells.

The articulated manipulator offers maximum operating accuracy and great flexibility in terms of its possible applications.

The Wälischmiller Engineering A200 articulated manipulator is a master-slave manipulator for remotely-operated handling of objects and tools in boxes and small to medium sized cells. The A200 makes precise, speedy and safe handling possible, particularly of hazardous substances in nuclear medicine, bio-technology and nuclear technology.

Safe handling of the A200 in hot area

The manipulator consists of a through-wall tube, a working arm/slave arm (also called a "hot" arm) and an operating /Masterarm (also called a "cold" arm). The arms of the A200 consist of a shoulder, an elbow and a wrist.

The "hot" and "cold" arm are linked by the wall bushing. The through-wall tube is integrated into the screening wall. Thus the through-wall tube creates a protective barrier between the operator and the working side of a cell or box. It can also come in a gas-proof version. Due to this construction, the operator can safely handle hazardous objects in the cell.

The motions of the "hot" arm are pre-set on the "cold" arm. The "hot" arm on the working side mirrors these motions simultaneously and precisely.

The object to be handled is immediately perceptible thanks to direct transmission. The weight compensation system prevents operator fatigue, particularly if the "hot" arm is fully extended. Ergonomically-shaped handles make operation more comfortable.

Overview of performance of the A200 articulated manipulator Series

Handling capacity in every position

up to 10 kg

Arm length

0.85 m to 1.9 m


up to 2.1 m

Typical installation height

1.7 to 2.25 m

Weight compensation / compensation

compensation for operation with little effort and throughout the work area

Additional functions

type A201E also has electrical offset in X-movement (right / left)


  • protective cover of the working arm (so-called "bootings")
  • gas-tight passage (type A201 and A202)
  • extension by standard tools

"Bootings": Protective covers

A201 and A202 manipulators can be fitted with protective covers (bootings) to prevent contamination and soiling on the „hot arm“.


Versatility thanks to modularity.

The length of the operating arm, the working arm and the wall bushing are variable. This allows you to flexibly adapt the manipulator to your respective cell sizes.

We differentiate between the A201/A201E and A202 models:

  • A201 is suited to installation heights of about 1850 mm to 2250 mm
  • A201E is equivalent to the A201, but has an electric adjustment for lateral and Y movements
  • The A202 is also gas-proof in the protective wall or box wall through-wall tube. It is otherwise exactly like the A201

Fixed tongs are installed in the standard A201 manipulator. We offer you as an option interchangeable tongs. They are fixed to the wrist of the „hot" arm with a quick-release coupling and can be changed remotely.

All this has convincing advantages for you:

  • you save downtime changing and/or repairing components and increase therefore the efficiency
  • thanks to the fast handling you minimise loss of time and increase the productivity

Strong arguments for an A200 master-slave manipulator:

  • intuitive, ergonomic and precise operable
  • gas-proof of the protective wall or box wall through-wall tube as option
  • the rotary and swivelling motions of the gripper tongs are transmitted in a 1:1 ratio, facilitating precise and comfortable operation.
  • comprehensive accessories
  • the same parts as in other series minimise storage of spares and accessories
  • designed especially for economic solutions
  • fast delivery times
  • Speedy repairs.
  • Worldwide service

Extremely high quality, durable and economical

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