Ergonomics and intuitive operation with the Masterarm

High working comfort thanks to intuitive and ergonomic operation

Working comfort through extremely intuitive and ergonomic operation

The Masterarm has been developed for operators. It is designed to ease the mental and physical strain while working. This benefits both operators and company in equal measure: Sophisticated ergonomics allow operators to work less tiring and more accurately, and they are less likely to fail.

The Masterarm can be used for:


Why the Masterarm is the right choice:

  • immediately ready for use after switching on and synchronisation
  • sophisticated ergonomics for hand, arm and user posture
  • direct feedback on the operating arm can be felt with force feedback
  • intuitive and easy controlling of the working arm
  • "1:1 motion transmission" in real-time

Ergonomics: Because working is supposed to be pleasant and easy

  • Light and easy:
    High working comfort due to weight compensation and low friction: The operator does not feel the load that the working arm carries. Thus, the use of the master arm prevents fatigue and makes work easier.

  • User attitude optimized:
    The working height of the operating arm can be optimally adjusted by raising and lowering the stand. This additional comfort allows the user to operate the master arm sitting or standing and thus ergonomically optimally vary their workplace.

  • Suitable for every hand:
    When choosing the handle, the focus was on the comfortable fit for as much as possible each hand.

Noticeable advantages in terms of ergonomics make the Masterarm a preferred input device for operators and businesses.

Unique thanks to intuitive operation and flexible working methods

As with a car, operators can instantly intuitively operate the master arm, with all controls located exactly where operators expect them.

Infinite turns of the working and operating arms reduce the complexity of the operations: Effortless, the working arm can be positioned in countless different positions and returned to its original position.

This is intuitive operation in perfection: due to the real-time control, the exact, simultaneous execution of the commands can be understood on the working arm. The mental burden of the operator remains low.

Possible applications of the master arm

  • training for use with simulation does not cause wear on the work manipulator
  • use in combination with A100S, A1000S, A4000 and TELBOT® (optimal with TB300)
  • suitable for use as a master arm for manipulators on bushings

The choice is yours: Various versions on request

You can vary the Masterarm so that it best suits your field of application:

  • customize the length of the arm elements
  • define the individual colours of the arm (anodised or painted)
  • choose more standard handles or customised ones
  • combine the Masterarm with other input devices


Further input systems include:


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