Maintenance & repair, courses & training, spares

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We live out our image and our quality standards: We have all the right answers to your questions and solutions for your needs in the following segments:

  • Maintenance & repair
  • Courses & training
  • Spares

Maintenance & repair – world-wide & at short notice

Our experts are at your service across the globe to carry out your maintenance and repair assignments even at short notice. Do special safety requirements or access qualifications apply to your sector?

No problem! Our personnel are qualified to operate under special conditions, e.g. in controlled areas of nuclear technology facilities.

Courses & training – no place or language restriction

The operating efficiency of handling devices has remarkable potential for increasing productivity. The more you know about our products, the more effectively you can operate them.

This saves you money and your investment becomes more profitable. And apart from that, you will take the stress out of operating machinery and improve the working environment and reduce downtime.

Our qualified experts run courses for operating and maintenance tasks. Choose between German, English or French language courses. Any other language is also possible, as we buy in interpreting services. You define whether a course should run on your site or in our modern training complex.

Spares – even after 30 years we still won’t leave you up the creek.

We build for a lifetime. And if something does go wrong we have a vast range of spare parts. We can deliver your spare parts in the shortest possible time; as a rule within 2 working days within Europe and outside Europe within 5 working days.

You can see: With Wälischmiller Engineering products you can rely on the best service for every phase of the life cycle of the product.

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Ilona Jopke

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Frank Döring

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