Speedy positioning with intuitive precision

The JOYARM is the perfect 2 in 1 combination of a joystick and Masterarm

2 in 1 operation: orecise, speedy and intuitive

The JOYARM - namely composed of JOYstick and MasterARM - combines the advantages of an intuitive joystick control with the advantages of the proven master arm. It therefore works very precisely, axis by axis, and at the same time is easy and quick to operate.
Another related feature is that users can switch between joystick operation and master arm operation with just one device.

The JOYARM can be used for following HWM products:


Convincing arguments for the JOYARM

  • force feedback for intuitive operation
  • combines very high accuracy and intuitive use in a single device
  • draw straight lines and control precise positions
  • far less tiring and safer work thanks to the arm rest
  • programmable learning and playback modes for repetition and automation of operations

Force feedback for "three-dimensional" force

The JOYARM is fitted with force feedback. This enables the built-in motors to exert a "three-dimensional" force on the JOYARM. It means you sense on the arm what is happening on the manipulator. Through this natural feedback, the JOYARM facilitates a very intuitive operation.


Straight lines and straight to the point

It is very difficult to trace a straight line using a conventional Masterarm. This function is very important in dismantling work or for changing plugs. These jobs are child's play with the JOYARM: The JOYARM can draw precisely straight lines just as outstandingly as it can take up speedily determined set positions.

Ergonomics and usability to ease the mental and physical strain

With the "three-dimensional" position or speed control the following functions can be determined:

  • the position of the manipulator 1:1 with the JOYARM (Masterarm function)
  • the speed, the manipulator should move (speed function)


With the JOYARM the operator does not need to do any switching over as with a joystick. This makes it possible to work quickly and intuitively. HWM also thought about ergonomics. The arm is equipped with a support that prevents fatigue and discomfort to the workforce and thus reduces operator error.

„Go-To“: Extremely efficient with teach and repeat method

The go-to mode is a learning and playback mode. In learning mode, certain movements or combinations of movements can be recorded and executed as many times as you like in playback mode.

Repetitive work processes can then be carried out automatically. Tasks become noticeable easier and monotony-based operator errors are avoided.

The operator can simply save the position of the various tools. Changing tools is then an automated process and is carried out comfortable for the operator.

As with any automation, manual intervention is, of course, possible at any time.


Further input systems include:


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Jean-Michel Wagner

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