At last you can easily move heavy drums: With the drum manipulator

The drum manipulator: The trusted A1000 in special form for handling drums.

Since 2017 the Wälischmiller range has included a special innovation for handling heavy drums. The powerful drum manipulator.

Special task; special solution

The manipulator can be used for handling drums in a drum storage facility for radioactive waste, for example.

The drum manipulator: Argument in figures


Up to 1200 kg

Degrees of freedom

6 (including bridge and carriage)

Force Feedback

Force display


Technical convincing and high quality at a great price

The drum manipulator has been developed as part of the A1000 power manipulator Series. All the important advantages have, of course, been retained in this drum manipulator.

  • No external cabling
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Easy to decontaminate
  • External mechanical emergency drives
  • Extremely robust and reliable


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You can get further details on the drum gripper from our contact person >

Contact person

Jean-Michel Wagner

Jean-Michel Wagner

Speaker of the Management / Marketing